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Promotion, Advertising, Playlists & Music Marketing.

We help artists grow their audience, get more streams, and boost their careers.

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Reach More Fans

  • Audits: we analyze social networks and define areas for improvement and marketing actions.
  • Strategy: We develop studies and marketing strategies to increase the artist’s fan base, listens on Spotify and views on YouTube.
  • Community Management: complete social media management with detailed reports.
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Streaming Promotion

Getting your music heard and growing your community is one of our priorities. By offering a "boutique service", we connect your music with curators worldwide, at the same time that we deliver digital communication strategies to boost your growth. Promotion includes:

  • Spotify: playlist pitching to targeted curators, organic growth in streams, listeners and followers.
  • Youtube: guaranteed organic views, advertising.
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Ad campaigns

  • We plan the ad campaigns on the different platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Google, Tik Tok and YouTube).
  • We measure KPIs and optimize each campaign in real time so that the results are as effective as possible.
  • We take care of the complete design of the campaigns, from the creation of the creatives to the use of an effective copywriting strategy.
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We create the artist’s graphic materials such as press kits, flyers or banners.

We also do consulting and creation of a personalized image of the artist, complementing it with the web design of the web pages, logo design, photographic booking, video lyric, videoclips and live recordings.

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We serve artists, labels, and brands.

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